Audio Editing With Cool Edit Richard Riley

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Audio Editing With Cool Edit  by  Richard Riley

Audio Editing With Cool Edit by Richard Riley
| Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | | ISBN: 9781870775748 | 10.63 Mb

Setting up the program A Cool Edit Pro recording sessionMultitrack recordingApplying effects and using EQUsing noise reductionUsing plug-insSaving in MP3, WAV and other formatsTroubleshooting section and tips and tricksCool Edit reallyMore• Setting up the program • A Cool Edit Pro recording session• Multitrack recording• Applying effects and using EQ• Using noise reduction• Using plug-ins• Saving in MP3, WAV and other formats• Troubleshooting section and tips and tricksCool Edit really is a recording studio in your PC.

Its a sophisticated piece of software that enables up to 64 tracks of stereo audio to be combined as a multitrack enabling it to be used as a super high quality virtual tape recorder. Its used by beginners and audio professionals to record, edit and play and record audio, add an unlimited range of effects and filters (including Direct X and VST effects), clean up audio files, mix up to 64 tracks and master to CD or even for broadcast.This book shows how to get the best from Cool Edit with easy to understand walkthroughs and helpful hints and tips.

Its an essential addition to the Cool Edit manual and help file and reveals many undocumented features and time saving tips.It explains how to install and set up the program on your PC, how to record from a variety of sources, how to apply EQ and effects like flanging, reverb, delay, and how to sync via MIDI and SMPTE. Youll learn how to use plug-ins to enhance, clean up and generally improve your recordings and how to save in multiple file formats including MP3 and WAV for any platform or system.

If you master to CD, Cool Edit has tools for normalising your mix, to do complex multiband compression, noise reduction, inserting silence, test tones and signals etc.Finally, theres an invaluable troubleshooting section along and a collection of invaluable tips and tricks gleaned from the authors many years of experience using the program.

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